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    JBoss Portal Login

    krish p Novice

      I am trying to change the security domain for the JBoss Portal so that it picks up my custom login module implementations that I use for other applications deployed in JBoss. I modified jboss-web.xml so that it uses a different security realm and I also modified web.xml in the JBoss Portal application.

      However, it doesn't seem to even get as far as my custom implementation as the debug stmts in my custom login modules aren't logged. Any thoughts?

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          Sohil Shah Master


          Instead of changing realms and other configuration considering integrating your custom Login Module via the jboss-portal.sar/conf/login-config.xml file

          Changing the entire Portal security realm can probably lead to other unpredictable issues.


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            krish p Novice

            Thanks Sohil. This is what I did -

            * Modified portal-server.war/WEB-INF/login-config.xml and added a new security realm, "myrealm".
            * This security realm uses a bunch of custom, stacked login modules that another application (say, app1) deployed to JBoss uses. App1 works fine and user is authenticated successfully.
            * I modified jboss-web.xml and changed the security realm name from "portal" to "myrealm".
            * However, authentication to app2 (JBoss Portal) fails and I don't see anything useful even when I turn on DEBUG level logging (for Apache and JBoss). It just says "authentication failed" and I don't see the request go as far as my custom login module implementations (debug stmts in those class files are not logged).

            One last thing, after I am authenticated against app1, if I try to login to app2, it seems to go through except that I can't access the Portlet configuration screens etc, that are SSL enabled (redirect happens to a different SSL port, and I get a "resource not found" exception.

            Thanks for your help.