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    Reset form values on jsp:include

    Heinrich Frunzdorf Newbie


      I am posting to the a4j Forum because I think it is possible to use ajax4jsf to solve my problem.

      I am including parts of pages via:

      <jsp:include page="part2.jsp"></jsp:include>

      "part2.jsp" contains an "a4j:form" with some "h:selectOneMenu" and "h:inputText"-tags. Unfortunately the selected/typed values remain after a reload of that fragment of page.

      Even though the rendered-attribute is set to false, the tag is rendered and its last value is selected.

      How do I reset the values and let there be rendered="false" like in the original page fragment?

      <h:selectOneMenu id="category1valueselectmenu" rendered="false">
       <f:selectItems id="category1valueselect"/>
       <a4j:support ajaxSingle="true"
       event="onchange" reRender="treepanel,assetlist" />