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    Mixing LDAPExtLoginModule with other login module

    J-C jc Apprentice

      I have configured an application policy in JBoss 4.2.0 to use the LDapLoginModule against my active directory.

      Now my problem is that I'd like to chek user/password against active directory, but I'd like to manage the group using another login module (for example the UsersRolesLoginModule). Is is possible to configure the application policy to check user/password with one login module and group with another one ?

      I have tried that but it does not works:

      <application-policy name="example1">
       <login-module code="org.jboss.security.auth.spi.LdapExtLoginModule" flag="sufficient" >
       <login-module code = "org.jboss.security.auth.spi.UsersRolesLoginModule"
       flag = "sufficient" />