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    Portlet question

    Dmitriy Slokva Newbie

      Hi to all developers, who using open source products in thier projects.
      I work with JBoss portal and want use in my web application GUI components like file upload, tree, tab panel, and more...
      All of these must works in portlet. It is a strong rule of project. (!)

      I trying to develop this application for about 3 weeks, but unsuccesfully.
      Many information about this problem has readed, lot of variants configurations has used but without result.

      Another way - using JSP portlets, but project is large and in future it will cause errors or need harder support.

      My questions simple:

      1. Is possible using components library RichFaces or MyFaces(Tomahawk) with JBoss? If yes, what version of JBoss, JSF libs must be used? Any bridges or additional libraries like PAL VSFPortlet :) ?

      2. Can you describe (directory listings) your working configuration for using fileUpload or calendar component in portlet?

      3. If you can answer on 2nd question please put some main parts of your configuration files.