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    2 strage problems with JAAS

    cai jc Newbie

      I deployed 2 modules to jboss 4.2.0 GA: A EJB3 JAR module using "others" security domain( packed with a jboss.xml and users.properties and roles.properties);A Web WAR module,which only contains several jsp pages(of course,and a configured web.xml and jboss-web.xml,but NO java classes).I don't think this kind of deployment is too strange,right?

      Now I try to login from the web module,to access the EJB module,and JBOSS tells me "no users.properties and roles.properties found".Another guy told me to create an empty "classes" folder under WEB-INF in the web module,and this exception disappers.This..sounds a little funny.This brings out my 1st question:
      Why can't jboss find the .properties files in JAR module?

      Well,I tried to login again,and this time,when I inputed a wrong username or password,JBOSS told me "this is wrong" and redireced me to the err-handling page.This is ok.But..when I uses a correct username and password,I see a HTTP-408 page,which telling me login timeout.
      I cleared IE cache,restared IE,restarted JBOSS,and nothing changed.This is my 2nd question: