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    Client-cert authentication: how to prevent the client copy t

    Meng Yi Newbie


      I intend to distribute my rich client application with a client cert so that they can subsequently connect to the server using client-cert authentication and then authorization...

      The app is supposed/licensed to run from only one computer, but i also don't want to have an installation key kinda stuff. So I would like to ensure this by only allowing connection from one computer per cert.

      Naturally, or ideally, the best would be that i store the client's MAC address when it makes first connection to the server and subsequently deny access from any other MAC addresses for this cert. But i suppose i have no way to get the client's MAC.

      So, anyone got a suggestion? thanks

      ok, let me phrase it in another way, my questions are:

      1. how to store the client cert securely on client's pc?

      2. how to detect if the client cert has been copied to another pc