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    How to update the browser title with A4J?

    Claudiney Calixto da Silva Newbie


      I am trying to update the browser title with A4J.

      I am using in my project: JSF, Facelets, A4J, Rich Faces and Tomahawk.

      My code is not working and I do not know what are wrong. Someone can tell where is my mistake?

      Below is my code:

      1. Defining a ajax panel

       <a4j:outputPanel ajaxRendered="false" id="panelTitulo">
       <title><h:outputText value=" #{myBean.title}" /></title>

      2. Code where I have a like that calls a backing bean. This function changes the value of myBean.title.

      <a4j:commandLink value="Test Link" action="#{myBean.changeTitle}" reRender="panelTitulo" />

      Thanks in advance!!!!

      Programmer, Brazil