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    HTTP Status 403 - logging with another role causes error

    Stefan Illgen Newbie

      hi evereybody!

      we are using different roles in our project: child and parent. for the parents site only parents should have access to the secured pages.

      we are using form-based authentication.

      when i log in with a user, that is not registered in our db, everything works fine and I am redirected to the login-error-page. when i log in as parent, also everything works fine and i am getting access to the secured page.

      but when i log in as child (which is a proper defined role), i a not redirected to the login-error-page..

      why? what do i have to change?

      the relating passage of web.xml looks like this:

      <!-- security -->




      i'm looking forward for your answers.

      cheers stefan

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          Ragav Gomatam Novice


          First are you using the SimplePrincipal from Jboss or your own Principal Object ?

          What is the role your are associating with your Principal object when you log in as Child ? My guess it it should be C ( as per your web.xml) .

          If you are rolling out your ow authentication, i guess you would be subclassing the AbstractServerLoginModule. If Using your own Principal, subclass SimplePrincipal. In the AbstractServerLoginModule there is a method addRoles() i believe. Override it with your roles.

          Maybe you can post the jaas login module code ...