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    ClientLoginModule in a multi-threaded swing client

    amar slimane Newbie


      I'm using the login module 'ClientLoginModule' in a Swing client standalone to send the login information into the JBoss server EJB.
      Here is the client 'auth.conf' file :
      other {
      org.jboss.security.ClientLoginModule required

      When i invoke an EJB method in the thread where the 'LoginContext.login' has been made
      the authentification works fine.
      But when i invoke an EJB method in another thread i have to do
      an another 'LoginContext.login'.

      In the documentation, i read this :
      'multi-threaded=true|false : When set to false the login identity and credentials are global variables that apply to all threads in the VM.
      The default for this option is false.'

      When the multi-threaded is set to false, the login identity is global in the VM
      but i have to do a 'LoginContext.login' in each thread.

      What's wrong ?

      Thanks in advance.