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    Mixing events on an eventsQueue

    Paul Pantages Novice

      Hello Forum,

      I understand how an eventsQueue and requestDelay can be used to remove duplicate requests.

      I wanted to know how this mechanism would behave if the same eventsQueue was shared by different components.

      An example of this would be an a4j:poll and several a4j:commandLinks using the same eventsQueue name.

      So, in this example, would a4j drop a "commmanLink" event when it is queued behind a "poll event' or does it recognize the two requests as different (and therefore not subject to de-duplication?).

      Also, if it does recognize that the events are different, will it still wait for the poll event to complete before invoking the "commandLinks" in the queue behind it? That is, would the queue prevent parallel/simultaneous submission of requests?

      I want to use the queue to serialize my commandLinks with the poller, to prevent race conditions and reslting exceptions I see when a poll is executed at the "same time" the operator invokes one of my other controls.