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    JAAS custom login module cannot get login Pricipal informati

    Bill Shirley Newbie

      I am having problems obtaining the principal/credentials on a custom server-side login module.

      I can use a standard module, and my client is passing the credentials correctly via JNDI/InitialContext. I've

       public boolean login() throws LoginException {
       userIdentity = SecurityAssociation.getPrincipal();
       Boolean success = super.login();
       if (debug)
       System.out.printf(this.getClass().getName() + ".login(): principal = " + userIdentity +
       "success = " + success);
       //if (userIdentity == null)
       // throw new LoginException("Principal was not found.");
       return success;

      http://www.timfanelli.com/item/98 has been mostly useful in me getting this far, but I'm not sure why I can't access the principal/credentials at this point. (and the Sticky JAAS readme post has broken links)