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    EJB3 over HTTPS

    Avihai Marchiano Novice


      I have a java client and jboss4.2 as an application server.
      I work against stateless bean as a facade.

      My server is behind firewall and i have only two port that opened http , https.

      in some cases i want to work with http and in other cases i want to work in https (its depend on the customer decision).

      I followed the following tutorial in order to have EJB3 over HTTPS -

      They said there to add on the bean:


      My questions are:
      1. What if i what if i want the ability to call to this bean over RMI or Http is this possible. i guess its not and i don’t want to have bean for each protocol.

      2. When i run the server i bind it to a specific address. on the bean i need to write the URL , can i avoid from set my host ? I don’t know the customer IP? (I think write there will need to work and I will check this)?

      3. For advanced - why i need to deploy a servlet in order to support in ejb3 over https?

      Thank you