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    How can I get the configurations in login-config.xml for my

    Jia Yu Newbie

      Problem description:

      In login-config.xml, there´s already an self-defined LDAP-loginModule, with a specifed LDAP-server URL. In my deployed application, this loginModule has been used for login-authentication (specified as a "security-domain" in jboss-web.xml). -- Up to now, everything´s fine!

      However, since my application still want to achieve additional infos from the same LDAP-server as the loginModule, I want directly get the server-url from the login-config.xml. After some tracking from the jboss-src, I´m still not so clear, how jboss itself parses the login-config.xml and how a deployed application references a loginModule by the JNDI-name specified in the "security-domain" of jboss-web.xml. I´ve tried to use this JNDI in my application, but simply got a JaasSecurityManager instance, which has no such param-infos from loing-config.xml.

      So, anyone who can help me, to get the informations specified in login-config.mxl? (Just like the variable "Map options" inherited from UsernamePasswordLoginModule)?
      Thanks a lot!