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    How to flush the old password

    Bo Yu Newbie

      I use DatabaseServerLoginModule for jboss authentication web application supported by MySQL. The function is working.

      But there is a problem when a user changes password. The old password is cached and the new password will not work if I close the browser and login again. I try to delete the cookies, local internet data whatever, it won't work. If I restart Jboss server, the new password takes effect.

      So, please let me know how can I change the behavior of security manager or loginmodule that they don't cache any password.

      I also find this thread with similar issue, but unfortunately no answer

      The new password is supposed taking effect after the next login, but it actually does not. This is a serious negative behavior issue because it is quite normal that a user change his/her password. Many systems even force user to change password frequently.