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    how jboss sso server work among different application server

    Ahmad Elhadidy Newbie

      hi my friends
      the way to setup sso (federation server )among web application witch all deployed to jboss and use JAAS as security manager is some what plain ,
      But if i want to set up sso (federation server ) among application deployed to different application server (jboss & tomcat ....etc) ,do this approach can be implemented? and if yes can you sent me reference to articles or any thing help me

      thanks in advance

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          Micah Cleveland Newbie

          Is it possible to configuration jboss setup sso (federatoin server) to work between multiple application servers that sit on the same physical network domain. Or do I have to actually have seperate physical domains.

          I have multiple IP address but they are all on the same domain.

          Additionally, can you point me to some document tation shows how to use the federation server with JAAS. Do I still need a LoginModule. Where does the LoginProvider interface fit in.