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    Cannot create custom login module

    Bill Smith Newbie

      Hi, I am trying to make some changes to the LdapExtLoginModule, however I am running into some issues.

      We are currently running fine with ClientLoginModule and the LdapExtLoginModule

      I have tried compiling a new version of the class which was the same as the original with the exception of a new package name. I changed the config in login-config.xml to point to the new class. (So everything should be the same with the exception of the class name, which is the same code as the original)

      I put the jar with the new class com.test.LdapExtLoginModule in jboss-as/lib

      When I try and go to the site I get the message.
      type Status report
      message Cannot authenticate with the provided credentials
      description This request requires HTTP authentication (Cannot authenticate with the provided credentials).

      There are no errors in the log file that I can see. Amy ideas what I am missing. As soon as I replace the class name in login-config with the original I can login.