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    Creating a custom PolicyCombiningAlgorithm

    Danja Spoja Newbie


      I am trying to create a custom policy combining algorithm. Unfortunately, the only documentation I have is Sun XACML Programmer's Guide for Version 1.2 from 2004. Since then the API has changed, and I am having a hard time getting my policies to be parsed correctly once I've added the algorithm to the BaseCombiningAlgorithmFactory. I am getting an exception in AbstractPolicy "error parsing combining algorithm". I see that it is using CombiningAlgFactory to get instance of the factory, and that returns only standard combining algorithms. That is why I am getting an exception, but I am not sure how to fix this unless I modify AbstractPolicy, which is probably not the way to do it.
      Has anyone gone through this pain before? Which factory did you add your new algorithm to? Any code snippets are greatly appreciated.
      Thank you,