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    Custom JSF login webapp & JBoss Portal

    dsf sdf Newbie


      i'm trying to authenticate jboss portal users using a custom jsf webapp.

      i've setup the custom jsf webapp, configuring it to access the same JAAS security domain than the portal (java:jaas/portal), and i can now authenticate users using the jbossportal defined loginModules.

      I'm using the webauthentication to authenticate my users in the custom jsf webapp and everything is ok.

      BUT when i authenticate i nmy webapp then go back to the portal, it's like i'm not authenticated.

      I thought that using webauthentication was the right way to do that and that it was the method to solve this kind of problem.

      I don't know why jbossportal can't see i'm already logged in,
      Am i missing something ?