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    EJB3 and security role references

    Barry Newbie


      I have an ear file that contains secured EJBs. The beans are coded using EJB3 annotations @Local, @Stateless and are secured using @DeclareRoles, @RolesAllowed, and @SecurityDomain.

      Everything seems to deploy perfectly and I can get the bean instance from JNDI from a servlet located in a different EAR but in the save JBoss instance.

      My questions is regarding security role references. My beans are coded with @RolesAllowed({"UserRole"}) but the role in the database for the users is "USER ROLE". Because of this, I know I need to use some sort of security role referencing to map "USER ROLE" to "UserRole". Since I'm using annotations to code my EJBs, how can I do this?

      I've tried to add the following to jboss-app.xml in the ear that contains the EJBs but it did not work.

      <principal-name>USER ROLE</principal-name>

      Can anyone help me? All beans will have the same roles so I want to do this on globally. I though the jboss-app.xml would work. I'm I doing something wrong?

      I'm using JBoss 4.2.3, JAVA 6, EJB3.