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    Secure EJBs and jndi.properties

    Orange Frog Newbie

      Hi all,

      I've got a web service that is calling a secured EJB. However, I keep getting security exceptions when the EJB is tried to be created.

      The code for creating the EJB sets the principal and credentials before creating the InitialContext. I think the problem may be related to this not creating properly.

      I changed the jndi.properties file in the conf directory to reflect the settings used in the remote client (which works) and everything works (although I did have to code in the principal and credentials to the jndi.properties). This suggests to me that something isn't quite right and perhaps I need to provide a jndi.properties file in my WAR file to set these properties?

      Or am I missing something much much simpler than all this?

      Thanks for your help!