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    JAAS on a remote JVM

    Edgar Lazaro Newbie

      I have a problem: I have an aplication running on JBoss 4.0.5 and is authenticating and authorizing via JAAS with LdapExtLoginModule but
      now the manager say the LDAP directori will be in another place beyond the scope my server instead I have a server within the LDAP scope. Now I need to user this server to do de login to LDAP and "import" this session from the original server. Some schema like:

      (APP.......)------fw-------JAAS MGR--------fw--------------------
      (Server A)----->|------>(Server B)------->|------->(LDAP )

      I hope I can do this with configuration I don't want to write a login-module
      and an EJB just to do this task.

      Thank in advance!