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    JAAS + multiple web configurations

    Mariano Kocalka Machala Newbie

      Hi Everyone!

      Actually i have 8 web-apps packaged as war files and all of them are running against an ldap based security domain.
      So far so good...
      Also each web application has his own web.xml in which the proper security constraints and security roles are defined as well.

      The thing is that these 8 web.xml files are absolutely identical except for the jaas stuffs, i mean: The web resource collections, the allowed roles for each resource and so on...

      So far, what i'm actually doing is to execute an external ant-task at build time who takes the base web.xml file and includes in this one the proper jaas configuration for each web application. (thats means that im dynamically generating 8 web.xml files each one for each web app).

      Does anybody know if there is an external configuration file (another like web.xml) who allows me to put my jaas stuffs alone ?

      I'm looking for something like this:

      1. deploy 8 .wars
      2. Each one of them will contain a base web.xml file (Servlets, Facelets, Rich, index, error pages, etc)
      3. Another extra configuration file with only the proper jaas configurations (web resource collections, allowed roles, login-config, etc )

      In this way i would be able to avoid the ant's tasks work and simplicity.

      Thanks in advance!