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    Optional client certificate

    Fabian Pena Newbie

      Hi all. How are you?
      I have a problem trying to configure an application to accept client certificate. The unusual with this is that I want to accept client certificate but optional. I mean, if the client does not have one it could use the application anyway and if this certificate is not valid for authentication I dont care (any client certificate from a CA that I accept is OK). This is because I will only read the certificate information (serial, common name, etc) to use it in my application (not for authentication).

      Is there some configuration that allow me to do this? (I could made this environment but using apache in front of jboss or tomcat)

      With Jboss standalone, until now, I always receive the following message:

      HTTP Status 401 - Cannot authenticate with the provided credentials

      Thank you very much

      Kind regards