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    Propagating custom principal

    Pawel Kasprzak Newbie


      After upgrade JBOSS from version 4.0.5 to 4.2.3 (requirements for EJB3 and JAX WS) I have problem with propagating custom principal.

      I have web application (used as a presentation layer) and EJB component (used as a business layer) both on the same JBOSS version (4.2.3) but different machines.
      JAAS based login mechanism (with login modules) is mixed (LDAP + database) which provide custom principal class with additional informations like language in UI (multilingual application). Before for propagating principal to EJB I had to use SecurityAssociation.setPrincipal() for pass my principal class (unless JbossGenericPrincipal was passed) in filter class (in WebApp) with currently used lang (java.util.Locale), now (after upgrade) principal is passed without any extra code but I can't set current lang (in passed principal).

      Any idea ?

      Regards Pawel