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    How to get Instance of JBoss Security Subject Factory?


      Hi, all,

      my work environment, JBoss5.0.0GA+MySQL, now I use datasource encryption.

      my application-policy as follow:

      <application-policy name="fgdb-password-encrypted">

      I define a mbean as follows:

      <mbean code="org.jboss.resource.connectionmanager.TxConnectionManager"
       <attribute name="JndiName">...</attribute>
       <attribute name="SecurityDomainJndiName">fgdb-password-encrypted</attribute>

      Now I can't connection database, I find the cause is that it can't get Instance of JBoss Security Subject Factory.

      and I find a xml file security-jboss-beans.xml, it has some sentence.
      <!-- Instance of JBoss Security Subject Factory -->
       <bean name="JBossSecuritySubjectFactory"
       <property name="securityManagement"><inject bean="JNDIBasedSecurityManagement" /></property>

      but I don't know how to get this instance.
      so I modify a class BaseConnectionManager2 in this jar jboss-jca.jar
      I add as follows sentence,
      subjectFactory = new JBossSecuritySubjectFactory();
       ((JBossSecuritySubjectFactory) subjectFactory).setSecurityManagement(new JNDIBasedSecurityManagement());

      now my problem disappears, I think mondify JBoss class is not a good way,
      Can someone give me some hints?
      any help can be appreciated.