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    Is XACML PDP Thread Safe?

    fred Newbie

      Hi all,

      This is my first post; sorry if it is too or not enough precise.
      I'm currently testing the JBoss XACML Implementation with the SAML Servlet enveloppe.
      I first simply deployed the SAML Servlet and the PDP with my own policies on a JBoss Server 4.2.3GA
      It was running fine (ie all my SAML requests were responding PERMIT or DENY appropriately) but the perf was very poor.
      I realized that the PDP was loading the policy files from disk for each request and that was the reason of bad perfs.
      Then, I modified the SOAPSAMLXACMLServlet to load the policies at start up (init method)

      The perf improved really significally. Unfortunately, I stress tested my configuration with SOAP UI and I got unattended results. I mean, some request that had always returned PERMIT were returning few times a DENY (about 1/1000 times).

      I added a synchronized block around the pdp call and the problem was fixed but again, the perf decreased...

      Have you ever seen a synchronization problem on JBoss PDP? Am I missing something?

      Many thanks in advance,