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    x509 certificate and JAAS

    Jamie Johnson Newbie

      I am following the guide at http://www.jboss.org/community/wiki/SSLSetup and have gotten to the point where JBoss is requesting the client certificate but I keep getting a 401 denied error and a log entry of

      12:46:13,140 DEBUG [UsersRolesLoginModule] Bad password for username=CN=ClientCert, O=SomeCA, OU=SomeCAOrg

      I am using the ant script to generate all the certificates but don't see where this error is coming from. My jmx-console-roles.properties file has an entry as follows
      CN\=ClientCert,\ O\=SomeCA,\ OU\=SomeCAOrg=JBossAdmin

      Any help as to what could be causing this error would be appreciated.