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    a4j:repeat Rerendering complete columns

    Sebastian Gehring Newbie

      Good morning everyone,

      I have a question concerning a4j:repeat / dataTable and the reRendering function supplied by A4J. On my page, I have a table (currently rendered via a4j:repeat) which consists of multiple columns. In one of these columns is a start date, in another one is an end date. The start date is editable. The end date is calculated by adding a specific amount of days to the start date of the current row. The start date of the following row is the end date of the previous row. This goes on for every row I add to the table.

      So where is the problem? When I change the start date in one of the previous rows, I want the start dates and end dates of all the following rows to be recalculated and rerendered. Recalculation in my backing bean works fine, but I’m not able to only rerender the two columns for start date and end date without rerendering the whole table.

      Does anyone know a way to rerender complete columns in a table without rerendering the whole table?