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    Jaas + multiple web apps authentication

    Mariano Kocalka Machala Newbie

      Hi Everyone:
      Im developing multiple web applications and i've a question about JAAS and SecurityDomanins.

      My scenario:
      a. I've defined a Security domain called "blah-domain".
      b. I've configured the proper login-config (with the proper login-modules)
      c. I've configured my security domain against openLdap.
      d. I've 12 webApps.
      e. Each one of them on separate .war file.
      f. Each one of them has his own jboss-web.xml file pointing to the "same" mentioned security domain.

      So far so good! and all is working properly.

      What is happening?

      a. Although each webapp is configured against the same security domain (blah-domain), every time i move from one war to another, a login dialog box is performed and the user must type his username/pwd again.

      b. The user should be prompted with credentials once and remember this information no matter if i move from war to war (at lease what i expect)


      a. Does anybody knows how to solve this problem ?

      Thanks in advance!
      Kind Regards!