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    Problems with authentication on EJB2

    Sverker Abrahamsson Novice

      I'm trying to update an old EJB2-based application to be able to run on JBoss 5.1. Well, everything work except for that I keep getting java.lang.SecurityException: Authentication exception, principal=null on some operations.

      I have a custom login module, it's right now deployed with the new method but I've also tried with the old DynamicLoginConfig. When I log in on the web frontend it looks like this in the log:

      22:59:46,100 TRACE [LimeLoginModule] initialize
      22:59:46,106 TRACE [LimeLoginModule] Security domain: lime
      22:59:46,109 TRACE [LimeLoginModule] Saw unauthenticatedIdentity=unauthenticated
      22:59:46,113 TRACE [LimeLoginModule] login
      22:59:46,114 TRACE [LimeLoginModule] Trying to authenticate sverker
      22:59:46,119 DEBUG [AccountServiceBean] AccountServiceBean.ejbCreate()
      22:59:46,168 INFO [AccountServiceBean] AccountServiceBean.authenticateAccount("sverker","*******") from null successfull
      22:59:46,170 TRACE [LimeLoginModule] LimeLoginModule.login("sverker","*******") successfull
      22:59:46,171 TRACE [LimeLoginModule] Assign user to role admin
      22:59:46,174 TRACE [LimeLoginModule] User 'sverker' authenticated, loginOk=true

      However, on the operations that fails I see this instead:
      23:02:05,078 TRACE [UsersRolesLoginModule] initialize
      23:02:05,083 TRACE [UsersRolesLoginModule] Security domain: other
      23:02:05,084 TRACE [UsersRolesLoginModule] findResource: null
      23:02:05,087 ERROR [UsersRolesLoginModule] Failed to load users/passwords/role files
      java.io.IOException: No properties file: users.properties or defaults: defaultUsers.properties found

      All operations are unchecked, the app handles authorization in other ways. I can see no difference in ejb-jar.xml on method-permission fields between the operations that work and those that don't.
      I have tested with setting security-domain and unauthenticated-principal in either jboss-app.xml (in the ear) or jboss.xml (in ejb-jar) + jboss-web.xml or in all but no change.

      How come that for some operations it chooses security-domain other? I see the same also when calling operations on EJB's from a MBean, how can I set which security-domain it belongs to and shouldn't it be the ejb's security domain that matters?

      The setting I use in jboss-app and the others are:

      What is this unauthenticated-principal used for, shouldn't that prevent the exception with principal=null?