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    Migrating to 5.1.0, "Invalid User"-Exception

    Gupta Karom Newbie

      We are currently in a process of migrating our AS from JBoss 4.2.1 to JBoss 5.1.0. We keep getting "Invalid User"-Exceptions thrown in our test classes due to thread issues with the JBoss implementation. Apparently (as far as wecan tell) it seem to do with the fact that we spawn a new thread in the beginning of each test case, where we do the log in.

      In our main program (the non-test classes) however JBoss 5 works fine, since the log-in process in that case is made in the UI-thread (from the log-in dialog).

      We've also figured it had to do with the SecurityInterceptors and tried to shut them down, without success. What about 'Subject.doAs'in the new JBoss 5, is it needed at all or is it handled by the interceptors in the proxy? If so, how may we control the interceptors?

      Anyone who has a clue!?

      Thanks in advance