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Wise deploying in JBOSS AS

Alex Newbie

Hello! I want to deploy wise client application under JBOSS AS (jsp or servlet), which refer to web-services on another server. So, can you say me what libraries and configuration changes i need to do for that? I need only client, and i'm not interesting in server-side part. When i try to deploy it together with jbossws.sar i have problems with WSServerConfig, WSEndpointRegistry, WSSubscriptionManager and other. When i try to deploy client on JBOSS AS without jbossws.sar, i must to put in my application different libs from wise-core-1.0 libs, but it is not succesfull working again and i have errors like "NoClassDefFound".
Main part of client code is like in wise-core samples:

WSDynamicClient client = WSDynamicClientFactory.getInstance().getJAXWSClient("http://zoo.itoolabs:7080/kportal-taxoman-ejb/TaxoManBean?wsdl");
WSMethod method = client.getWSMethod("TaxoManWS", "TaxoManWSPort", "getTreeSize");
HashMap requestMap = new HashMap();
InvocationResult result = method.invoke(requestMap, null);

Thank you for answers!