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    getting messages from remote jms server

    aquarii Newbie

      Hello all, first post in the new forum... I've written an application server to process some messages. I need to get these messages from another messaging server. What role would jbossMQ play here? Do I just use the client classes? Or, do I run jbossMQ, have it listen to the other messaging server, and have my hand rolled app server connect to the local jbossMQ, which would then relay the messages?

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          Peter Antman Expert

          I know there was some mentioning of a server2server adapter some time ago on the old JBossMQ mailing list.

          In general: to get messages from another JMS provider into JBossMQ you would havw to write a client that uses both the JBossMQ client lib and the client lib of the other JMS provider.

          Write a subscriber, that subscribes on destinations on the other JMS provider, and publish them to a JBossMQ destination.