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    Is it possible to send messages to topic's/queues BEFORE the

    David Budworth Newbie

      Hello all,

      I have added a JMS topic and queue to my jboss (CVS as of today)

      I want to be able to send messages to either one (I don't care which), that will be stored by jboss until the MDBs that watch them are deployed.

      The idea here, is I have some beans that are active on only one host (due to limited external resource), and remote machines send JMS messages to the resource host. But I also want to be able to upgrade the resource host on the fly, which would mean that while the beans are undeploying/re-deploying, they wont be listening on the message queues.

      It seems from the log info, that both topic and queue see that there are no current listeners, and just drop the message on the floor.

      Is there a way to make the container keep them until someone picks them up?

      I don't mind RTFMing if someone wants to point out where this is descibed.