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    Publisher MBean Service

    John Weir Newbie

      All, I want to run some thinking past you, so those who skip long questions do so now:

      I have a 'psuedo' real time User Interface that interactes with a real time OLTP service via EJBs hosted on JBoss. They are psuedo real time, because they poll the database for changes at a regular intervals.

      Each of the clients hit the sdame tables and look mainly at the same data. I would like to move the polling into the JBoss server and use JMS to push the updates out to the distributed clients ( > 200 ). Clients can do an initial synch with the database and then listen for new messages on the relevant topics.

      A natural solution to this seems to be as follows

      Create an MBean Publishing service, using JMX, and have it connect to the database. Raise timer notification events ? not sure how yet ? and on each notification, poll for changes and push the messages out on the configured topics ( about 6 different ) ones.

      Clients listen on the topics and apply the changes to their table models.

      Anyone see any probs with this ?
      Any experience doing this ?

      Appreciate your imput

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          Peter Antman Expert

          Yes its a good aproach as long as you have reasoable tight controll of your clients (they will have to be able to use JNDI and to be able to connect to JBossMQ over a non secure connection.

          Otherwise it's doable. And several have done stuff like this (me for instance). Use the Timer MBean or the new scheduler MBean to do your tasking.