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    how to disable JMS transaction?

    Johnson Newbie

      Hi JBoss expert,
      I want to disable JMS transaction support for speed. I have already set the tranction mode to bean managed in ejb.xml and create the topic session as "topicConnection.createTopicSession(false, Session.AUTO_ACKNOWLEDGE)". message mode set to "javax.jms.DeliveryMode.NON_PERSISTENT"

      But after I sent 10,000 message, I found a quite big transact-temp file at Jboss/db/jbossmq/transactions.dat.

      Does somebody has some idea on it?
      (I am using JBoss 2.2.2 on Sun)

      Thanks a lot


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          Peter Antman Expert

          first of all: the transaction of the sender and the transaction of the receiver has nothing to do with each other. A transaction in JMS only handle the conbtact between one publisher or consumer and its relationship to the destination, that is store (one transactional context) and foward (another transactional context).

          That said: there is really no way of not using transactions in JBoss MDB today (there once was, but not any longer). Bean managed TX actually just says that the transactional context of the message receipts will not be connected with the transactional context of the bean. That's it.

          You might howevere abandon XA transaction, by configuring a new JMSProviderAdapter that does not use the XA versions of the Connection factories, and configure the bean to use that (see the manual).

          This may be faster (but I am really not shure if it is).