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    JMS Timeout

    Marcel Newbie

      I have programmed a chatover jms. in my localnetwork there is no problem to recive the jms messgae but over the internet i got always a timeout. where can i increase the timeout time?

      please help

      Greetings Dreistein

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          Chris Coy Newbie

          I see how long ago this message was posted, but for those who read it and have the same problem:

          First, instead of trying to solve the problem, you need to look at your design...

          JMS really is a bit much for chat. Chat is generally thought of as a connectionless piece of software, and every message doesn't need to be treated like a transaction. So in general, using JMS is overkill.

          I would recommend writing a robust sockets based system, and only route a message to JMS *if* a recipient could not receive a message (was logged off, net problems, etc.) Then when the user logged in, they'd be able to do a JMS-check to see if they had messages waiting.