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    a4j:poll - reRender does not work

    Hans Meier Newbie


      yesterday I got the poll component running, but the id's I entered in the reRender Tag will not be reRendered.
      In my code example (see link below) the method behind the a4j:commandButton (submit) sets an outputText, which was before empty, to a simple text like "I am an output text". This method also enables the poll which should then reRender the outputText component so that the text should appear, but it doens't. I also added to the reRender tag in the a4j:commandButton (clear) the id "text" and if I click this button after the method behind the submit button is finished the outputText appears.

      Another question, why is does the poll not start if I don't reRender in the a4j:commandButton (submit) the panelGrid?

      Link to the code: http://nopaste.php-quake.net/10540