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    How to register Topics

    KevinKline Newbie

      Hi I am trying the JMS examples given in the manual. They work fine with preregistered testTopic. When I change the topic from to testTopic to myTopic, they dont seem to work.

      That brings a basic question, how do I register topics ? I added myTopic in jbossmq.xml. I get error javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: myTopic not bound.

      Any help is appreciated.

      Thank you


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          Peter Antman Expert

          From the manual:

          There are three stages in this schema that involves provider specific stuff:

          1.Getting the JNDI initial context

          2.The name of the connection factories to use

          3.Administration and naming conventions for destinations.

          JBoss comes with its own JNDI implementation. For vanilla JMS client, you configure and look up initial context as you do with your other J2EE client components.

          The JMS specific stuff is tied to the JBoss JMS provider JBossMQ. JBossMQ is configured via the XML file jbossmq.xml, which may be found in your JBoss distribution directory under
          conf/default. There are basically three things you may use this file for: adding new destinations, configure users and check the names of the available connection factories.

          2.5.x. The latest JBossMQ does not use the jbossmq.xml any more. Instead all its components is added to jboss.jcml as MBeans.

          Managing destinations

          Destinations are added to the jbossmq.xml file. There are a bunch of default destinations already in the file, so it's easy to see how to do it. Say you need a topic destination spool, then you
          would add the following entry to jbossmq.xml: