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    jbossmq connectionreceiver error

    Fang Yang Newbie

      I made a simple JMX component, which does one job - creating several asyn. message receivers listening to a single queue. I followed the examples to do that.

      But when Jboss is started, each receiver generates an interal error and upon receiving a message, all of them also generate the same error:

      [Default] java.io.EOFException
      [Default] at java.io.ObjectInputStream.readByte(Unknown Source)
      [Default] at org.jbossmq.distributed.server.ConnectionReceiverOIL.run(ConnectionReceiverOIL.java:111)
      [Default] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)

      There must be some wrong there with the new version 2.4, since it was ok with Jboss 2.2.2. Please advise. Thanks a lot.