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    JBossMQ Standalone server

    Mike Lecza Newbie

      I saw in a prev post it was mentioned that someone should try the Standalone server version of JBossMQ. Aside from any fixes in the standalone version that may not be include in JBoss 2.4.0, what are the advantages/dsadvantages of using the standalone version? Are the performance issues vs using the integrated version?

      Are there any dox on the standalone version online?


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          Hiram Chirino Expert

          The standalone version, is JBoss with just the Naming and JBossMQ services running.

          So the only real advantage of the standalone version is that it has a smaller memory footprint since it does not have all the services running.

          If you want to use it with another JBoss server on the same machine you would have to make sure you do not get a port conflict since both servers would try to start the naming service (Disable one of ther Naming services or change the port number of one of them).


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            Mike Lecza Newbie

            Gotcha - thanx. This was made clear after I downloaded and tried it :-)