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    Can't use Servlet ro publish a topic

    leo Newbie

      > Peter,

      > If the subscriber is unaffected by the publisher
      > using JMS as a resource, and the subscriber is not
      > receiving messages, then I must assume there is a
      > bug.

      Yes, now we are on. How you publish a message to a destination has nothing to do with how you get it from the destination.

      > You mention turning on debugging. Forgive me for my
      > ignorance, as I am very new to Jboss and open-source,
      > how do I turn debugging on?


      > And regarding the server.log, what information am I
      > looking for?

      If you look, you will see.

      Otherwise you will have to share your code and configuration.

      > Thanks again for your help!
      > -Michael