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    jms output

    garyg Novice

      Since I only sort of have a clue w/ what I'm doing w/ JMS, I was hoping someone could look at the JBoss output below to see how much of this is normal.

      If I understand this right, everything seems ok except for the setObject() method (the exception below) where I'm possibly passing a wrong type of serializable class. Other than that, oh, and the fact that I don't have a client running yet, it's just passing something to a queue and there is no receiver.

      Any other suggestions or so far if I'm on the right track?


      [Default] SpyConnectionFactoryObjectFactory->getObjectInstance()
      [Default] SpyDestinationObjectFactory->getObjectInstance()
      [Default] Starting the the Client Thread Pool
      [Default] New Client Connection accepted. Current Thread=Thread[OIL Worker,5,JBossMQ Server Threads]
      [Default] Waiting for the server to connect to me
      [Default] ConnectionReceiverOIL created client with address=
      [Default] Client Connection set spyDistributedConnection, ClientID=ID1. Current Thread=Thread[OIL Worker,5,JBossMQ Server Threads]
      [Default] Exception occurred: javax.jms.MessageFormatException: Invalid object type
      [Default] Closing sessions, ClientID=ID1
      [Default] Closed sessions
      [Default] Disconnecting from server
      [Default] Shutting down the receiver thread
      [Default] Disconnected from server
      [Default] Shutdown the Client Thread Pool