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    Problem with % in message selectors for MDBs

    Mike Squance Newbie


      I've run across what appears to be a bug in the handling of message selectors for message driven beans. It seems that the wildard '%' (that's a percent sign, not 96...) support is not working. Is this supported by JBoss 2.4.0?

      I can receive the messages in my MDB if I use the following:
      <message-selector>((JMSType='EntityAttrClassCreation') OR (JMSType='EntityAttrClassChange') OR (JMSType='EntityAttrClassDeletion')) </message-selector>

      The messages are not received if I use:

      I've tried a client that does a receive() on the topic using the latter message selector and it receives the message okay.

      Am I missing anything?