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    Need help with a4j installation

    Jordi Teterissa Newbie


      I'm just starting with a4j and I'm trying to build the simple AJAX echo project (https://ajax4jsf.dev.java.net/nonav/documentation/ajax-documentation/developerGuide.html). I'm using:

      Netbeans 5.5
      Sun Java System Application Server Platform Edition 9.0_01 (build b14)
      Sun JSF 1.2 RI

      I've completed all the required steps and I can build the app. Now when I run the app and my browser goes to http://localhost:8080/a4jEchoText/echo.jsf , the only thing I get is a 404.

      What could possibly be wrong with my mapping? I used the exact same web.xml as in the tutorial...

      I've been searching for a solution for hours, so I would really appreciate some help :) Thnx in advance!

      ps: here is a link to my project: http://stud.hro.nl/0774487/tmp/