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    Creating new users

    Sarang Kulkarni Newbie

      I had a question regarding creating new users. I understood from the provided examples that we can create a new topic by invoking this:

      // Invoke the MBean
      server.invoke(new ObjectName("JMS", "service", "JMSServer"),
      new Object[] { destName },
      new String[] { "java.lang.String" });

      How do we similarly create new users? We want to use this "admin" kind of API so that the admin of the JMS sever can add new users. I looked at the code in the interface org.jbossmq.server.JMSServerMBean.java. I did not see any way to create new users.

      In general, we would like to know how to:
      1. Add new users programatically
      2. Add new users through any GUI provided by JBOSS