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    Problems with Message selectors

    Oberon Newbie


      yesterday i tested jms with jboss, everything worked fine, till i tried a message selector

      i want to send TextMessages and i set a StringProperty "user" and i set a message selector:
      selector = "user != 'someString'";

      But when the Client runs on server side the following exception is thrown:

      [JBossMQ] javax.jms.JMSException: PARSER ERROR: syntax error
      [JBossMQ] at javax.jms.JMSException.(JMSException.java:62)
      [JBossMQ] at org.jbossmq.selectors.Selector.(Selector.java:40)
      [JBossMQ] at org.jbossmq.Subscription.accepts(Subscription.java:51)
      [JBossMQ] at org.jbossmq.server.ClientConsumer.addMessage(ClientConsumer.java:116)
      [JBossMQ] at org.jbossmq.server.SharedQueue.run(SharedQueue.java:41)
      [JBossMQ] at org.jbossmq.server.JMSServer.run(JMSServer.java:119)
      [JBossMQ] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:481)

      Has anybody an idea what i am doing wrong? seems that i have a syntax error in my selector..?!?

      Thank you for your help.