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    JMS Message Recovery

    Alfred Iacovella Newbie

      I'm new to using JMS and JBoss. I managed to get the JBoss server installed and working with JMS. I went through the examples on the Jboss site for creating a Message Driven bean using the Point to Point model and got that working fine. What I'm having trouble understanding and implementing is a test for re-queuing a message from a receiver when there is a failure. I was under the assumption that the rollback() should take care of this but the message never seems to get requeued. What I'm thinking should occur in this message receiver is that every time it gets called and does a rollback it should re-submit the message to the queue and basically process the message over and over but it only processes it once. Can anyone give me some leads as to what to look at, I can't seem to find an example of doing this anywhere.

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          Peter Antman Expert

          Sounds strange. Up to the 2.4.x series (and from 2.4.1 for setRollbackOnly()), resent of messages has worked flawless, although with the result that it eventually will take the server down since there was no limit on how many times it was allowed to resend.

          Yoy cind of behaviour I have never seen. Do you use Container managed TX with required? What server version?