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    Message Acknowledge (Very Urgent )

    Amit Amit Newbie


      "amgandhi" wrote:
      "amgandhi" wrote:
      Hi ,
      I am having problems in receiving the same message second time, what I am trying to do is I have a listener who listens for a message for a particular user and when I get it I pass the instructions to user that there is a message for you . And after receiving this instruction users says ok get the message for me. Now the problem is when I go to the server second time for the same message i couldnt found it.
      (1) I am using Session.CLIENT_ACKNOWLEDGE so that I will do the acknowledgment after the second time I receive the message.
      (2) My subscriber is durable.
      What else I have to do ? Is it a bug or I my code is missing something.
      JBoss-2.4.1_tomcat-3.2.3 is my server version.

      I have one more question which I have asked in another posting also :-
      Am I right in saying, Durable TOPIC and Durable SUBSCRIBER are two different things?
      To make a subscriber as durable we mention it in JBossMQ-state.xml , what about topic where should we mention a topic to be durable.
      Thanks in Advance

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          Patrick Scharrenberg Newbie


          "patti303" wrote:
          "amgandhi" wrote:
          I am having problems in receiving the same message second time [...]

          I'm sorry that I don't have a solution for your problem, but I have the same problem, too!!

          I have a MDB which publishes the messages to my topic.
          My subscribers are also all DURABLE, and I use Session.AUTO_ACKNOWLEDGE.
          The messages I send are ObjectMessage's

          Calling TopicSubscriber.receive() / .receiveNoWait() allways gives me the first message send, also when I allready received it.
          I also tried ObjectMessage.acknowledge(), but it didn't help either.

          I'm using JBoss 3.2.3.

          If you need more information please contact me! :-)