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    Ajax4jsf and xml parse error

    Wendy Bossons Newbie

      Help -- I believe that ajax4jsf is forcing parsing on all of my web site's pages. Everywhere that javascript is embedded on my pages, causes an XML parse error.

      I tried configuring the forceparse init param, but it doesn't seem to help. The only thing that helps is to keep my view handler in faces config, but then that prevents me from using ajax4jsf properly.

      My environment is Sun JSF RI 1.2 and tiles, it is a java ee5 application.

      Is there a way to stop this parse error? I have tried all of the javascript cdata and encoding tricks and that doesn't work. The only real solution that will be accepted by my team will be to prevent this strict xhtml parsing from occuring.

      Thanks in advance,


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          Wendy Bossons Newbie

          Here are my web.xml settings ...



          <display-name>Ajax4jsf Filter</display-name>

          <servlet-name>Faces Servlet</servlet-name>
          The scenario is a custom component that writes a table with data and then outputs commandLinks to scroll through.

          I would appreciate a reply from someone who has gone through this before. I was instructed to begin posting here instead of the nabble Ajax4jsf forum, but I haven't seen any response on any of my 3 or 4 posts since then.